Our method

Our working methodology

Our working methodology is developed in various phases, one consequential to the other, and takes its cue from the journey metaphor, dividing each phase into several concrete actions and tools suitable for achieving the desired targets.
The Findelbarba method is an omnnichannel one and integrates in a functional way the classic tools of internationalization with the new digital tools to make the most of every potential in terms of planning, organization and implementation of activities.

Working Method

Export Check-In

The export preparation phase is very important and delicate for a company that decides to face a process of international development and growth.
Thanks to Export Check-in we can evaluate and measure the level of preparation of a company for export. To be internationalized means to be prepared to face the competition on a global level, updating professional skills, business processes and products.

Export Take-Off

We analyse the best country opportunities in terms of growth trends, demand, risk and market opening.  We identify the development strategy, define the qualitative and quantitative objectives of the project and the timing of implementation together with the company. We define the required resources for the implementation of the activities, we inform the company about financing opportunities and support it in every step in the drafting of applications for grants, from the design to the project reporting.

Export Landing

We implement the export strategy with offline and online consulting tools identified and customized for the needs of our partner company.
We support the company in its foreign development path with in-company and outsourcing activities. Thanks to our network of experts and on-site professionals in the reference markets we take care of each operational detail in the implementation of the project on site and its follow up.