GEO - Global Export Overview /GEO+ Global Export Overview Plus

GEO - Global Export Overview / GEO+ Global Export Overview Plus

Global Export Overview is the analysis and specialist guidance tool available to companies, essential for choosing the target countries to address their export and internationalisation process.

Through the Customs Code, for each product, the most attractive markets for the company’s business in terms of risk and accessibility, market demand and growth trends are identified.

GEO is therefore customised on the distinctive characteristics of the company and based on the processing of data from international databases. The result is an accurate mapping of the business potential of some target foreign markets.

Thanks to GEO, the company will be able to carefully evaluate the strategy of commercial breakthrough in a new market. In this way it will be possible to structure targeted initiatives for the export of its products, optimising results and investments.

With GEO+, instead, the company will already have an orientation dashboard with a summary of its degree of competitiveness and an evaluation of the level of company preparation, divided into sector-specific focuses. The logical consequence is a better understanding of the strengths and areas of improvement with respect to the internationalization process to be undertaken.